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Aftab Ahmed is a Chartered Accountant, who also holds a Master’s degree in Management. A Professional with leadership skills of more than 30 years extensive experience of Finance and Accounts ranging from high level Management / supervision as well as actual hands on experience in Concession Accounting in Operated and Non-Operated environment and Joint Venture Accounting, Concession Budgeting, AFE preparation and controls, Taxation Affairs, Insurance, Preparation of country budgets and Head Office / Management Reporting.

Has worked in supervisory capacity since 1987 with Controller ship / CFO responsibilities since 1995.Has been Assistant Controller / Controller with Occidental of Pakistan Inc. (OXY) and Controller with Orient Petroleum Inc. (OPI). CFO and Resident Manager with OPI. Last assignment was as CFO of Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL).

As CFO of OGDCL was involved in the listing of OGDCL shares on the London Stock Exchange through the listing of OGDCL’s Global Depository Shares (GDS’s), was also part of the team which carried out the transaction road show before the book building for the GDS listing in December 2009.

Has extensive experience in negotiations for farm-out / farm-in in various Joint Ventures as well as drafting / reviewing of assignment Agreements, Supplemental Agreements. Lead the team which negotiated the settlement of outstanding issues with the regulator culminating in signing of Exploration Licenses and Concession Agreements by OPI in the Sindh Province. While working with OGDCL lead negotiations on behalf of OGDCL with Total, Petronas, Petrobras and BP as well as represented OGDCL in review and discussions with NOC’s and Regulators in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Eretria.

While working as the Executive Director (Strategic Business Planning) developed the Risk framework methodology for the company and also carried out the internal awareness program for the top management for adequate assessment monitoring and compliance.

Has a proven track record of Leading and managing both small and large teams of professionals at Occidental of Pakistan Inc. (Oxy), Orient Petroleum Inc. (OPI) and Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) respectively.

Recognized in the Pakistan’s E&P Sector as a professional with strong analytical and decision making skills with thorough understanding of the big picture without losing sight of the important details. Gets to the core of problems, develop and suggests creative solutions.