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Practice and advisory services relating to corporate, commercial and regulatory aspects starting from company formation, litigation, day to day business operations and corporate governance aspects as follows:

  1. Corporate & Commercial Laws
  2. Administrative & Civil Service Laws
  3. Intellectual Property Laws
  4. Constitutional Law
  5. Labour Laws
  6. Banking Laws Foreign Investment
  7. Mergers and Acquisitions
  8. Commercial Transactions
  9. Securities Market Transactions
  10. Taxation Laws
  11. Energy (Oil, Gas & Electricity) Laws
  12. Media and Telecommunication Laws
  13. Electronic and Print Media Laws
  14. Anti-Trust and Competition Laws
  15. Anti-Corruption and Accountability Laws
  16. Privatization Laws
  17. Anti-Dumping Laws
  18. International Trade Laws
  19. Commercial Arbitration

Arif and Associates are ideally qualified and experienced in full regulatory compliance throughout business life cycle especially relating to SECP, OGRA, NEPRA, PPIB, PEMRA, PTA, FBR etc.