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We at Arif and Associates understand the legal framework of corporate transactions in the wider commercial context which is a key to achieve the best possible result. We advise and handle corporate and contractual disputes arising out of Joint Venture Agreements, Joint Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Service Agreements, Procurement and Construction Contracts, M&A disputes and various Oil and Gas industry related contracts and disputes. Arif and Associates possess all the required credentials and expertise to act as “Facilitators”, “Mediators”, “Experts”, “Pleaders”, “Arbitrators” and “Empires” for alternate and formal dispute resolutions under the commercial contracts without litigation.

While acting as facilitators, mediators and pleaders on behalf of the clients we do handle commercial conflicts in an organized manner as follows;

  1. Complete information gathering, information and formal discussions with the key players
  2. Identification of issues
  3. Ranking and prioritization of issues
  4. Understanding of clients negotiation range up walkaway
  5. Dispute formulation
  6. Lodging claims and counter claims
  7. Sitting on a negotiation table
  8. Making first offer, assess other party’s strengths and weakness, facilitating good faith negotiation, be as polite as possible but firm and assertive,
  9. Concluding a settlement agreement

Conclusion on a win-win situation for both the parties.